Roy-el Catering, Inc
8000 Concordia Road
Belleville, IL 62223
phone: 618.476.7722
fax: 618.476.9242

24 hour emergency:

Roy-el Catering was established in 1987 by Quentin and Sherry Nungesser, and still remains a family owned and operated business. Their son Marty and daughter Brea were both running events by the time they were teenagers and have been actively involved ever since. Marty manages all of our large special events and corporate contract accounts. Brea completed a degree in Fine Arts at Webster University and currently runs our business office and event planning as well as her contract accounts. Several of the third generation are now contributing on events as well, and are certainly a great asset to the Roy-el family. Sherry and Quent are still active in the business as needed but are confident in the capabilities of the next generation and are looking forward to enjoying a little more time off.

Quick facts about Roy-el Catering:

  • All our food service managers are licensed food service handlers through the state of Illinois. Has an excellent Health Department rating for the past 26 years from St. Clair County. All staff and equipment fully insured. Is your caterer fully licensed and insured?
  • Roy-el started out with one very unique rotisserie grill and the idea of being able to grill large quantities of meat without losing quality. The demand for their grilled and barbequed meats surpassed even their expectations, and in a short time they had to move to a much larger facility, invested in two more grills, added a mobile kitchen, and several more vehicles to keep up with their growing business.
  • Roy-el has been serving up great grilled and barbecued meats as well as many other wonderful entrées and great fun ever since. Company picnics complete with games and clowns, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, open houses, golf tournaments, whatever the event, Roy-el Catering can take care of your needs. They have done upscale dinner parties for as few as 12 people and large corporate events serving over 7,000 meals in a single day!
  • Roy-el has also added an emergency services division with the ability to feed several hundred to several thousand people with their mobile kitchens.  These kitchens are fully equipped and self contained and can be on the road within a matter of hours.